Siux not only incorporates new players in its roster for 2021, but also has renewals of some of the most important players of the Team. One of them is Alvaro Cepero, who has signed with the brand to extend his contract for 3 more years.

The player, who underwent surgery at the end of 2020 to have another operation on his left knee. He is currently about to return to the courts and faces his return "with a lot of enthusiasm, energy, and optimism". His greatest wish for the new season is that the problem does not resurface: "I just hope it does not come back, we are working so that the knee is strong, does not come back and behaves well".

Alvaro Cepero: "Padel is very difficult nowadays and you have to get your act together".

For this 2021, Chiqui will play again with the Siux Genesis Hybrid Black, an "impressive" padel racket that accompanied him in the last season: "I will continue with the same padel racket, it is a stick. Last year was hard, this year will be more light. With his padel racket, the primary objective, says Alvaro, is to "compete at a high level". "After two knee operations, the most important thing is that the competition respects me 100%, to be able to fight to be as high as possible and above all to surpass myself and be a better Alvaro," he says.

Besides, he will continue with Juani Mieres and believes that they can achieve a great padel: "I think that, if we do things right and my knee allows me to do it, we will do a great job with Juani. We're looking forward to the beginning of the year". Chiqui explains what they can bring to each other on court as a couple: "Juani can bring me experience, tranquility, and experience. When it comes to competing, I'm much more demanding than him and I'm tougher. He is calmer and sees padel in a different way".

According to the Team Siux player, his partner lives the sport in a way that can help him: "Juani enjoys it in a way that is difficult for me and that is helping me a lot. And I think I help him in the development of the match, in the longer matches, I bring him tranquility to hold because he goes to the counterattack quickly and I have to defend very well in the back. I help him to be calm when he is going to play his game".

2021 GOALS

"The goals are always to fight to be at the top and fight with the big ones, but ours is going to be to try to compete well, to play our best game as a couple and be a very solid couple, very forceful, rocky, the kind that nobody likes to be played in the first or second round," says Cepero. The padel changes over the years and, according to the Andalusian player, they have to start well from the beginning of the season to make it work: "If we do well, I think the rest will follow, I think the padel today is very difficult and you have to get the batteries. The fundamental thing is to be one of the strong couples from the beginning, not to start weak or hesitant, but to make the difference from the beginning."