Siux has reached an agreement with ShockOut Pádel to improve the performance of their 2022 collection padel rackets. All the novelties that arrive at the Siux warehouses will have ShockOut anti-vibrators and the Dual Pro Grip.

Siux has decided to invest in the development of its products, and this is how the brand's agreement with ShockOut, a company focused on research into new technologies and the manufacture of padel accessories, came about.

For this reason, the new models of padel rackets that will be arriving at Siux's warehouses, both the central one and those of its international distributors, will have some innovations.

In this way, and thanks to this agreement between the two Spanish companies, the new Siux padel rackets, in addition to incorporating the Dampeners ShockOut anti-vibrators, as they have been doing in recent months, will have a Dual Pro Grip on the handle.

This novelty will take place in stages until, after the first months of the year, all Siux padel rackets will have these two accessories added by ShockOut.

The first foam grip

Siux has chosen to add the Dual Pro Grip detail to the grip of its rackets considering its characteristics and thinking about its fans and players. This ShockOut grip is the first on the market to be made of foam and provides a more natural grip due to the small relief created on its surface.

In addition, both the grip and the Dampeners anti-vibration pads help prevent injuries such as epicondylitis or tennis elbow. This is because, together with the rubber with which Siux manufactures its rackets, they reduce the vibrations created on impact with the ball, so the player's arm suffers less.

Siux cross the ocean to install the first padel courts in America. Altogether, the Brand has already inaugurated a hundred courts in 2021, since the project began last February.

After the first Siux courts installations in Finland and Denmark, the Spanish firm has continued to expand and has manufactured more units for European countries, such as Sweden, Malta, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. In addition, America has inaugurated two Siux padel courts in Ecuador, in the first country in the American continent to place them. One of these courts is placed in Padel Box (Cuenca) and the other one, in Q Padel (Quito).

Thus, there are already eight countries across the world that have clubs who rely on the Spanish padel brand to install their courts, both in the field of competition and shows. The person in charge of Padel Passion, distributor of the Siux courts, Adrián Barranco, ensures that they receive “daily requests to install new courts”.

A hundred active Siux padel courts

Pista pádel Siux Quito
Pista de pádel en Quito

Altogether, there are already a hundred Siux padel courts that have been installed in these eight countries since the project began in February 2021. “The experience of our team of installers is unbeatable”, says Barranco, adding that “the assembly of our courts is carried out by a team of our own professionals, trained in Spain, who travel to the location required by the client”.

As for the material with which the Siux courts are made of, “it comes from Spain”, according to the person in charge. Adrián explains the process: "They are systematically subjected to the control tests provided for in the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, certified by AENOR".

Currently, there are three Siux courts models: Diablo, Black Carbon and individual. The first is panoramic, while the other two have duplicated pillars. Besides, the firm also offers the option of making the court to order.

From Siux we present two new models manufactured by the brand for a type of player of intermediate or beginner level. The new Siux Radar and Siux Solid are designed for those padel players with an intermediate level who want to improve their game quickly. Besides, they can also be used without problems by beginners, as they are very easy to handle from the first moment.

Siux Radar and Siux Solid

These two new Siux models are two padel rackets designed for players looking for maximum control. While the Solid has a low balance and a round shape, the Radar has a medium-high balance and a drop shape. In the rest of the features, both padel rackets are similar.

They incorporate fiberglass faces, more flexible than carbon to achieve greater ball speed. Besides, the frame of the two padel rackets is formed by a carbon tubular, which increases the strength and durability of the racket. The interior of the two new Siux is composed of an EVA Soft rubber core, which improves the cushioning in each hit and provides greater speed in the ball exit.

We also highlight in both models an arm in the heart area that helps to eliminate the vibrations caused by hitting. Thanks to this, it is easier to avoid the injuries suffered in the elbow and shoulders due to this cause. Finally, both the Radar and the Solid have been designed with a matte and smooth finish, ideal to offer a better spin on the hit, with exquisite control.

Finally we can present one of the most awaited padel rackets of this season. The new Siux Trilogy Control Special Edition is the model used by Patty Llaguno and with which she has won the World Padel Tour Open de Vigo. Also, with this padel racket, Patty was also runner-up in the Marbella Master and the Santander Open, as well as reaching the semifinals of the Valencia Open.

New Siux Trilogy Control Special Edition

This model for champions is a special edition of one of the players' favorite padel rackets: the Siux Trilogy Control. Patty Llaguno's new padel racket is a lighter model than the previous version, as it can be found with a weight ranging between 350 and 365 grams, and also has a different material in its layouts. On this occasion, the Siux Trilogy Control Special Edition incorporates the TEX 24K carbon, a durable and resistant material that offers greater flexibility than other carbons, providing exceptional speed in the ball exit.

The rest is similar to the previous model, with a round shape and a medium balance, it is a polyvalent racket that offers excellent performance in both attack and defense. Besides, its design follows the line of the Trilogy Control, as it belongs to the same family. The frame is made of a carbon bitubular, providing greater durability to the padel racket, and the core is made of EVA Soft rubber, a material that helps reduce vibrations and offers a better ball output.

If the Trilogy Control is characterized by anything, it is its ability to eliminate the vibrations that occur in the hits. This is one of the favorite models for players who easily suffer from injuries or pain in the elbow or shoulder and it is no wonder. This is achieved thanks to the PentaCore, a system composed of Kevlar and carbon sheets that also includes the new Trilogy Control Special Edition.


Finally, its finish is matte and smooth, to offer greater flexibility in the layouts and a better grip on the ball when making lifted hits.

A new padel racket model joins the Siux family. This time, it is the Siux Panther 3K, the renewal of the Panther that all fans of the brand know. It is a power model, with a higher balance than its predecessor.

New Siux Panther 3K

Like the previous model, the new Panther 3K is a model designed for advanced or professional players. It has a medium-high balance and a hybrid shape, perfect to achieve maximum power without losing maneuverability and control.

Its faces are made of 3K carbon, a hard and resistant material that, when intertwined, offers a smooth and powerful plane, which provides excellent durability. The frame is a carbon-glass bitubular that increases the resistance of the racket and avoids possible breakage. In addition, the fiberglass gives the padel racket extra flexibility to achieve a higher ball exit speed.

To eliminate vibrations it has a Siux anti vibrator in the heart of the padel racket. It also incorporates a Tri-Tubular reinforced with Kevlar, a more resistant material that helps reduce the vibrations caused by the hit.

On the other hand, the core is made of Black EVA Ultra Soft rubber, which improves cushioning on each hit and reduces vibrations. Finally, it has been designed with a matte and smooth finish. The matte finish gives the padel racket a better grip on the ball, making it easier to hit spin hits.

As we already mentioned in February, Siux is releasing into the padel court manufacturing market and we can already present the first ones. Two clubs located in Finland and Denmark are the pioneers and already have several courts manufactured by the Spanish padel firm.

Siux courts in Denmark

The Padel Club Thisted has been the first to debut with Siux padel courts and it has done it in a big way. This Danish club already has five Siux courts: 3 Black Carbon, 1 Diablo and 1 individual. The indoor club is located at Vilhelmsborgvej 18, 7700 Thisted, a town in the north of Denmark. This club is part of a chain, Padel Club, which has fifteen clubs in total throughout the country.

Thisted Dinamarca
Padel Club Thisted, first club to have Siux courts

Siux courts arrive in Finland

Besides, as announced at the time, after Denmark would come other European countries and Finland has been chosen to have three more courts of the brand. The Padelix chain, with three locations in the area, has incorporated a Siux court in each of them.

Pista Siux en el sur de Finlandia
Siux court in the south of Finland

Sastamala, Kankaanpää and Huittinen each have a Black Carbon court and all three are outdoor, so players can enjoy the views in these southern Finnish towns while playing their favourite sport.

Although there are three models of Siux courts, Black Carbon, Diablo and individual, the brand also provides the opportunity to manufacture the court to the customer's taste, with the design they prefer for their club.

Siux presents two new products in its catalog of padel rackets: the new Siux Pro Carbon Blue and Siux Gold Power. They are two models for different types of players and, while the first is a versatile and balanced padel racket, the second is a power padel racket, for hitters.

New Siux padel rackets

For those looking to get the best performance in both attack and defense, take the new Siux Pro Carbon Blue. This model has a round shape and a medium balance, Besides having a very wide sweet spot, ideal for maximum comfort from minute one. On the other hand, those who want to be the last to hit the ball, the offensive players, will enjoy the most with the Siux Gold Power, which has a medium-high balance and an inverted drop shape.

In terms of materials, the Pro Carbon Blue features 3K carbon layouts and a 100% carbon tubular frame. On the other hand, the interior is composed of an EVA Soft rubber core, ideal for providing excellent cushioning. On the other hand, the Gold Power is a model composed of fiberglass in the layouts, while maintaining the carbon tubular frame and EVA Soft rubber in the core, as the previous one.

Regarding the finish, both are smooth padel rackets and differ in that the Pro Carbon Blue is matte, while the Gold Power is a glossy model.

At the start of the season there are some players that are giving people something to talk about and one of them is Jimena Velasco. The 16 year old made history at the Adeslas Madrid Open along with her partner Noa Canovas by being the first players of this age to enter the final draw of the World Padel Tour. Siux, which has sponsored Jimena since 2016, has renewed the player for the next two seasons.

About her draw at the Madrid Open, the Team Siux player says she felt "a lot of excitement and joy". "We didn't expect it to come so soon, but I'm very happy that all the work we put in gave the first results", she adds. Not only did Velasco and Cánovas make it into the final draw, but they also managed to advance to the last sixteen.

Jimena Velasco: "Siux bet on me from the first moment".

Jimena is clear about her goals for the new season: "My goals are to continue enjoying and improving on the court". She also hopes to "always give my best once I've entered the game". Her partner for 2021 is the also very young Noa Canovas and the Siux player explains what each of them can contribute to the pairing: "As we are two very young players we have to stay very focused, because we are playing against people who have been playing for many more years than us, but we will give our all in every game".

She assures that they are "looking forward to continue competing and enjoying together", and explains what their joint goals are: "I think our current goal as a couple is to continue adding hours on court together, as we haven't been playing together for long, and to fight as much as we can". Jimena also admits that she has decided to renew with the Spanish padel brand because she is very happy with it: "Siux bet on me from the first moment and has always treated me great".

So, her new padel racket will be the Siux Fenix 3K, a padel racket that she likes more than her old Fenix because "it is more flexible and provides more control and ball exit". She also admits that its design has had something to do with her decision to change his padel racket: "I really like its matte design with blue".



The player from Extremadura Javi Rodriguez joined Team Siux in 2016. At that time, Javi joined the junior team and had not yet played any match in the professional circuit of the World Padel Tour. Now, five years later, the young player has renewed with the brand to continue working together in his sixth season as part of the Siux team.

For 2021, Javi will not change partners, starting the campaign with the same partner he finished within 2020: Adrián Ronco. "We finished very well, our goals are to win many matches and make as many qualifiers as possible", assures the player, without ruling out playing a final draw: "If a final draw falls, great, but, above all, we want to win matches and grind ourselves day by day".

Javi Rodriguez: "I'm with the best brand, by far".

Javi Rodríguez firma su renovación con Siux
Javi firma su renovación

The young professional player explains how he feels after signing the renewal with Siux, the brand that has been with him since 2016: "I'm super happy to be able to continue with Siux. This is my sixth year and I'm super grateful, I feel like one more, one of the family. I have a lot of appreciation for the people who carry the brand and I'm in the best brand, by far." Rodriguez hopes to continue growing this year with Siux and to continue "many more years" with the brand.

As for 2021, he faces the new season with a change of padel racket: "I will play with the Siux Trilogy Control, which gives me a lot of bottom control and when it comes to hitting, it has enough ball output". What he likes most about his new Siux padel racket is "the handling and the great sweet spot" it has.


2021 Goals

What are Javi Rodríguez's personal goals? Simple: "I don't set any fixed goals," he says. "My goals for 2021 are to improve day by day, to win as many games as possible and, above all, to improve a lot on a daily basis, to train better, and to work harder."

From Siux we hope you accomplish everything you set out to do this new season, Javi.


Siux not only incorporates new players in its roster for 2021, but also has renewals of some of the most important players of the Team. One of them is Alvaro Cepero, who has signed with the brand to extend his contract for 3 more years.

The player, who underwent surgery at the end of 2020 to have another operation on his left knee. He is currently about to return to the courts and faces his return "with a lot of enthusiasm, energy, and optimism". His greatest wish for the new season is that the problem does not resurface: "I just hope it does not come back, we are working so that the knee is strong, does not come back and behaves well".

Alvaro Cepero: "Padel is very difficult nowadays and you have to get your act together".

For this 2021, Chiqui will play again with the Siux Genesis Hybrid Black, an "impressive" padel racket that accompanied him in the last season: "I will continue with the same padel racket, it is a stick. Last year was hard, this year will be more light. With his padel racket, the primary objective, says Alvaro, is to "compete at a high level". "After two knee operations, the most important thing is that the competition respects me 100%, to be able to fight to be as high as possible and above all to surpass myself and be a better Alvaro," he says.

Besides, he will continue with Juani Mieres and believes that they can achieve a great padel: "I think that, if we do things right and my knee allows me to do it, we will do a great job with Juani. We're looking forward to the beginning of the year". Chiqui explains what they can bring to each other on court as a couple: "Juani can bring me experience, tranquility, and experience. When it comes to competing, I'm much more demanding than him and I'm tougher. He is calmer and sees padel in a different way".

According to the Team Siux player, his partner lives the sport in a way that can help him: "Juani enjoys it in a way that is difficult for me and that is helping me a lot. And I think I help him in the development of the match, in the longer matches, I bring him tranquility to hold because he goes to the counterattack quickly and I have to defend very well in the back. I help him to be calm when he is going to play his game".

2021 GOALS

"The goals are always to fight to be at the top and fight with the big ones, but ours is going to be to try to compete well, to play our best game as a couple and be a very solid couple, very forceful, rocky, the kind that nobody likes to be played in the first or second round," says Cepero. The padel changes over the years and, according to the Andalusian player, they have to start well from the beginning of the season to make it work: "If we do well, I think the rest will follow, I think the padel today is very difficult and you have to get the batteries. The fundamental thing is to be one of the strong couples from the beginning, not to start weak or hesitant, but to make the difference from the beginning."