As we already mentioned in February, Siux is releasing into the padel court manufacturing market and we can already present the first ones. Two clubs located in Finland and Denmark are the pioneers and already have several courts manufactured by the Spanish padel firm.

Siux courts in Denmark

The Padel Club Thisted has been the first to debut with Siux padel courts and it has done it in a big way. This Danish club already has five Siux courts: 3 Black Carbon, 1 Diablo and 1 individual. The indoor club is located at Vilhelmsborgvej 18, 7700 Thisted, a town in the north of Denmark. This club is part of a chain, Padel Club, which has fifteen clubs in total throughout the country.

Thisted Dinamarca
Padel Club Thisted, first club to have Siux courts

Siux courts arrive in Finland

Besides, as announced at the time, after Denmark would come other European countries and Finland has been chosen to have three more courts of the brand. The Padelix chain, with three locations in the area, has incorporated a Siux court in each of them.

Pista Siux en el sur de Finlandia
Siux court in the south of Finland

Sastamala, Kankaanpää and Huittinen each have a Black Carbon court and all three are outdoor, so players can enjoy the views in these southern Finnish towns while playing their favourite sport.

Although there are three models of Siux courts, Black Carbon, Diablo and individual, the brand also provides the opportunity to manufacture the court to the customer's taste, with the design they prefer for their club.