At the start of the season there are some players that are giving people something to talk about and one of them is Jimena Velasco. The 16 year old made history at the Adeslas Madrid Open along with her partner Noa Canovas by being the first players of this age to enter the final draw of the World Padel Tour. Siux, which has sponsored Jimena since 2016, has renewed the player for the next two seasons.

About her draw at the Madrid Open, the Team Siux player says she felt “a lot of excitement and joy”. “We didn’t expect it to come so soon, but I’m very happy that all the work we put in gave the first results”, she adds. Not only did Velasco and Cánovas make it into the final draw, but they also managed to advance to the last sixteen.

Jimena Velasco: “Siux bet on me from the first moment”.

Jimena is clear about her goals for the new season: “My goals are to continue enjoying and improving on the court”. She also hopes to “always give my best once I’ve entered the game”. Her partner for 2021 is the also very young Noa Canovas and the Siux player explains what each of them can contribute to the pairing: “As we are two very young players we have to stay very focused, because we are playing against people who have been playing for many more years than us, but we will give our all in every game”.

She assures that they are “looking forward to continue competing and enjoying together”, and explains what their joint goals are: “I think our current goal as a couple is to continue adding hours on court together, as we haven’t been playing together for long, and to fight as much as we can”. Jimena also admits that she has decided to renew with the Spanish padel brand because she is very happy with it: “Siux bet on me from the first moment and has always treated me great”.

So, her new padel racket will be the Siux Fenix 3K, a padel racket that she likes more than her old Fenix because “it is more flexible and provides more control and ball exit”. She also admits that its design has had something to do with her decision to change his padel racket: “I really like its matte design with blue”.