2022: International consolidation

This year marks Siux's tenth anniversary, and will be the brand's year of consolidation at the international level. Siux is committed to expanding on the most important markets, and sponsoring the leading players in each country.

And so the Team has recruited the number 8 on the World Padel Tour, Franco Stupaczuk, and Belgium's number 1, Clément Geens, as well as Germany's top pairing of Johannes Lindmeyer and Matthias Wunner. 2022 is also the year in which Siux becomes the outright sponsor of these players, rather than simply racket and bag sponsor as previously.

2021: Siux launches padel courts

2021 was an important year for the brand, with plenty of good news. First of all, Siux launched its courts, with installation beginning in such Nordic countries as Denmark and Sweden, before crossing the pond to the Americas.

Plenty of familiar faces also joined Team Siux during the year, most notably Patty Llaguno, a Top 10 player on the World Padel Tour. At the Vigo Open, Patty became the brand's first female player to win a tournament in this category, and together with Javi Ruiz, won the Spanish team championship.

Mention should also be made of the landmark result for Miguel Semmler and Javi Leal, who made history as a Siux pairing in claiming eight consecutive wins at the Vigo Open, making it to the quarter-finals.

Siux similarly continued its commitment to its youth set-up, offering a new contract to Jimena Velasco, who together with her partner became the first female players to make it into a World Padel Tour final phase at the age of just 16.

Lastly, in 2021 Siux became the Official Racket of the Spanish Padel Federation, while also officially sponsoring the Federations of Castile-Leon and the Principality of Asturias for the first time.

2020: Official World Padel Tour sponsor

For the first time in its history, Siux became an official bag sponsor of the World Padel Tour. In a year marked by the global catastrophe caused by Covid-19, we should highlight this hugely positive move for the Spanish brand, serving to raise its profile on the professional padel circuit.

2018: Siux commits to inclusiveness

The expansion of padel involves all of us, and in 2018 Siux expanded its involvement in wheelchair padel by adding two new players: Antonio Carneros and Rubén de Diego, the most talked-about pairing in the sport.

2017: Siux crosses borders

The Spanish brand began its international expansion with product sales in other European countries, and on the American and African continents. Siux's challenge has been to be a leading international brand from the outset, a goal progressively being achieved in countries where padel is a part of life.

2015: Own factory set up

Just a year and a half after being founded, Siux realised the dream of setting up its own racket production factory. This provides direct control over the entire manufacturing and quality process, with the aim of bringing the very best rackets to market.

2015 saw the launch of the Siux Diablo Granph, the definitive evolution of the Siux Diablo, and the brand's most successful model to date. The racket has become one of those most sought after by players worldwide.

2014: Consolidation of the brand

2014 was the brand's year of consolidation. Constant growth thanks to the huge success of all its rackets. By this point Siux already had some 20 first-class models on the market, intended for different types of player.

2013: Siux Diablo the first major milestone

In 2013, Siux continued its progress, beginning to manufacture its rackets in Spain. The designs evolved, bringing in new materials for the brand's main models.

The year also saw the creation of its flagship model: the Siux Diablo. A racket that has enjoyed huge popularity among all amateurs and players ever since its launch. The Siux Diablo has set the standard on court thanks to its outstanding performance.

2012: Siux is founded

Siux was founded in September 2012 as an ambitious project with the aim of rapidly establishing the brand as one of the leading names in padel both nationally and internationally.

The early days were brimming with activity. The first racket collection was soon released, with glass fibre and carbon already a feature of the original models. The Siux Optimus claimed the honours as the brand's first racket to make a real impression.

Siux's launch was underpinned by signing one of the stars of the World Padel Tour. Brazil's Chico Gomes, with world 9th-ranked pairing status at the time, placed the firm in the media spotlight.


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