The Argentine player, Sanyo Gutiérrez joins Team Siux with exceptional results behind him. Currently it is number 6 of the WPT. It will certainly be a great sporting stage full of successes for him.

Jimena Velasco (born in Segovia, 2004) is the rising young star of the Team Siux women. At the age of 16 she made history in 2021 together with her partner Noa Cánovas, becoming the youngest female players in history to make it to the finals stage of a World Padel Tour event. In 2022, Jimena is aiming to establish her position in the finals, and to progress to the closing rounds of the tournament.

Álvaro Cepero (born in San Fernando, 1991) is one of the new Siux signings in 2020. The charismatic and straight-talking Cepero will once again this year go all out to achieve his goals, with his trusty Génesis Hybrid Black.

Javi Ruiz (born in Granada, 1987) joined Team Siux in 2020, and with him the brand launched the new model manufactured to his specifications, the Siux Fenix. One of the most sought-after rackets among padel players, it has a new version for 2022. Javi is starting the year with fellow Team player Lucho Capra, and the two of them will be aiming to claim as many victories as they can in each tournament.

Lucho Capra (born in Quilmes, 1993) is one of the longest-standing Team Siux players, having joined in 2016. Together with Siux, Lucho has climbed the World Padel Tour rankings, to claim a position among the very best. In 2022 he has chosen to join up with another member of the Team, Javi Ruiz.

Patty Llaguno (born in Cartagena, 1985) is one of the most popular players on the World Padel Tour. With plenty of experience behind her, Patty joined Team Siux in 2021, winning the Vigo Open and finishing runner-up in the Marbella Master and the Lugo and Santander Opens.

Franco Stupaczuk (born in Chaco, 1996) joins Team Siux in 2022 having won two Open World Padel Tour events in 2021, in Mexico and Sardinia, as well as reaching the final in three similar tournaments: Madrid, Alicante and Cordoba. As half of the 4th-ranked pairing, Stupa also took part in the Master Final, reaching the semi-finals of the tournament, before losing to the top seeds and tournament champions.