The player from Extremadura Javi Rodriguez joined Team Siux in 2016. At that time, Javi joined the junior team and had not yet played any match in the professional circuit of the World Padel Tour. Now, five years later, the young player has renewed with the brand to continue working together in his sixth season as part of the Siux team.

For 2021, Javi will not change partners, starting the campaign with the same partner he finished within 2020: Adrián Ronco. “We finished very well, our goals are to win many matches and make as many qualifiers as possible”, assures the player, without ruling out playing a final draw: “If a final draw falls, great, but, above all, we want to win matches and grind ourselves day by day”.

Javi Rodriguez: “I’m with the best brand, by far”.

Javi Rodríguez firma su renovación con Siux
Javi firma su renovación

The young professional player explains how he feels after signing the renewal with Siux, the brand that has been with him since 2016: “I’m super happy to be able to continue with Siux. This is my sixth year and I’m super grateful, I feel like one more, one of the family. I have a lot of appreciation for the people who carry the brand and I’m in the best brand, by far.” Rodriguez hopes to continue growing this year with Siux and to continue “many more years” with the brand.

As for 2021, he faces the new season with a change of padel racket: “I will play with the Siux Trilogy Control, which gives me a lot of bottom control and when it comes to hitting, it has enough ball output”. What he likes most about his new Siux padel racket is “the handling and the great sweet spot” it has.


2021 Goals

What are Javi Rodríguez’s personal goals? Simple: “I don’t set any fixed goals,” he says. “My goals for 2021 are to improve day by day, to win as many games as possible and, above all, to improve a lot on a daily basis, to train better, and to work harder.”

From Siux we hope you accomplish everything you set out to do this new season, Javi.


Siux not only incorporates new players in its roster for 2021, but also has renewals of some of the most important players of the Team. One of them is Alvaro Cepero, who has signed with the brand to extend his contract for 3 more years.

The player, who underwent surgery at the end of 2020 to have another operation on his left knee. He is currently about to return to the courts and faces his return “with a lot of enthusiasm, energy, and optimism”. His greatest wish for the new season is that the problem does not resurface: “I just hope it does not come back, we are working so that the knee is strong, does not come back and behaves well”.

Alvaro Cepero: “Padel is very difficult nowadays and you have to get your act together”.

For this 2021, Chiqui will play again with the Siux Genesis Hybrid Black, an “impressive” padel racket that accompanied him in the last season: “I will continue with the same padel racket, it is a stick. Last year was hard, this year will be more light. With his padel racket, the primary objective, says Alvaro, is to “compete at a high level”. “After two knee operations, the most important thing is that the competition respects me 100%, to be able to fight to be as high as possible and above all to surpass myself and be a better Alvaro,” he says.

Besides, he will continue with Juani Mieres and believes that they can achieve a great padel: “I think that, if we do things right and my knee allows me to do it, we will do a great job with Juani. We’re looking forward to the beginning of the year”. Chiqui explains what they can bring to each other on court as a couple: “Juani can bring me experience, tranquility, and experience. When it comes to competing, I’m much more demanding than him and I’m tougher. He is calmer and sees padel in a different way”.

According to the Team Siux player, his partner lives the sport in a way that can help him: “Juani enjoys it in a way that is difficult for me and that is helping me a lot. And I think I help him in the development of the match, in the longer matches, I bring him tranquility to hold because he goes to the counterattack quickly and I have to defend very well in the back. I help him to be calm when he is going to play his game”.

2021 GOALS

“The goals are always to fight to be at the top and fight with the big ones, but ours is going to be to try to compete well, to play our best game as a couple and be a very solid couple, very forceful, rocky, the kind that nobody likes to be played in the first or second round,” says Cepero. The padel changes over the years and, according to the Andalusian player, they have to start well from the beginning of the season to make it work: “If we do well, I think the rest will follow, I think the padel today is very difficult and you have to get the batteries. The fundamental thing is to be one of the strong couples from the beginning, not to start weak or hesitant, but to make the difference from the beginning.”


The news and signings continue in Team Siux and this time the announcement is of Xisco Gil, number 46 of the World Padel Tour. The Andalusian player will play in 2021 with the new Siux Platinum Revolution, one of the latest releases of the brand.

In 2020, Francisco Gil made it into the main draw five times, reaching the quarterfinals at the Barcelona Master and the round of 16 at the Alicante and Valencia Opens. Together with Sergio Alba he saw those great results and will continue with his partner in this new campaign.

Xisco Gil: “Siux is in continuous international growth”

Why has he decided to join Siux? Xisco explains: “It is a brand in continuous international growth that bets on players in progression”. That’s why the player from Cordoba has decided to join the growing Team Siux for this season.

Also, he tells what is the main goal he has in 2021 with Sergio Alba: “The goal is to try to consolidate our position in the final draw of the World Padel Tour and stay at the top of the FMP”. Currently, he is the number 2 of the Madrid Padel Federation, behind only his partner, so they are the first couple of Madrid.



Siux continues to expand the team and the new addition is the most expected of this year. Finally we can say that Uri Botello, number 13 of the World Padel Tour, will be part of Team Siux in the 2021 season. The player from Melilla will continue pairing up with Javi Ruiz this season and will be the most representative Siux pairing on the professional padel circuit.

With Javi, Uri managed to reach a WPT final in 2020, at the Sardinia Open. Besides, they managed together to reach the quarterfinals up to six times: in Menorca, Las Rozas, Alicante, two in Madrid and Marbella. In all the tournaments they started directly in the final draw, as they are among the eight best couples of the circuit.

Uri Botello: “Siux is a top level brand”

The player, born in Melilla in 1988, explains why he has decided to join Team Siux: “I chose Siux because it is a top level brand, which has always bet on padel”. Besides, another aspect to take into account is that Javi was already a Siux player: “On top of that I was teaming up again with my partner, which also makes me very excited, as this is our fifth season together”.

On the other hand, among his goals is to continue improving and to participate once again in the Final Master: “My goals are to continue growing as a player, try to improve every day and go game by game. Every year the circuit is more competitive and I think this year it will be very difficult to qualify for the Final Master. It will be a very tough challenge and we will do everything we can to try to get there”.


New players keep joining the Siux team and the last to arrive has been Denis Perino. The Argentinean player is number 45 in the World Padel Tour ranking and will team up this 2021 with Ernesto Moreno, so it will be a couple with 100% Siux DNA. Besides, Denis will use this season one of the new padel rackets of the Revolution range: the Siux Spyder Revolution.

During the last season, Denis reached the main draw four times, his best result being the quarterfinals at the Valencia Open held in September. Besides, he reached the round of 16 at the Barcelona and Marbella Masters and reached the round of 32 at the Alicante Open.

Denis Perino: “Siux is one of the most important brands nowadays”

The Argentine player, born in Cordoba in 1996, has chosen to join Siux because he considers it “one of the most important brands nowadays in the world of padel” and also says that he has had the opportunity to play with Siux on more than one occasion: “On many occasions, I tried the padel rackets and I found them incredible”.

Finally, he shares his goals for the season with his partner, Ernesto Moreno: “My goal for this 2021 is to be able to be with Ernesto a very competitive couple in the circuit”. We hope you can achieve it together!


In Siux new additions continue to arrive for this year 2021 and the fifth player to join the #TeamSiux is Miguel Semmler. The 23-year-old player from Madrid is ranked 110th in the World Padel Tour ranking. Besides, he promises a lot for this new season, in which he will share the court with the already Siux player Javi Leal. On the other hand, Semmler will play with the new Siux Subzero, one of the latest innovations in Siux power padel rackets.

In 2020 Miguel managed to reach the final draw at the Las Rozas Open, last November, alongside Aday Santana, and managed to take Lucas Campagnolo and Juan Martin Diaz to the third set in the round of 32. For this year, Semmler hopes to make a leap in quality this year, both in terms of results and ranking.

Miguel Semmler: “I am delighted to be part of Siux”

The player explains why he has chosen to be part of Team Siux for 2021: “I have chosen Siux because I think it is an innovative brand, a brand with very high growth and the variety of padel rackets adapt to each player. The treatment and closeness with the team are very good and I am delighted to be part of Siux”.

He also tells us what his goals are for this new year: “To continue improving day by day, to work hard and with that I hope to be able to make another leap this year in terms of ranking and results”.

From Siux we welcome Miguel to the team and we hope that 2021 will be a year of great results for everyone.


The player Ernesto Moreno is the latest addition to the Siux team. The player from Malaga, number 33 on the World Padel Tour, joins the Spanish brand after Patty Llaguno and Araceli Martinez for the 2021 season. Moreno will also use one of the latest Siux innovations, the Raven 3K Hybrid, a model that has been manufactured with a new system and will be available in the coming days.

In 2020 Ernesto had to undergo surgery for cardiac arrhythmia, but he was back on track with the return of the World Padel Tour in July after the quarantine. Thus, he managed to reach the round of 16 on four occasions (at the Alicante Open, the Sardinia Open, the Adeslas Open, and the Marbella Master). Besides, he started all the tournaments in the rounds of 32, already in the final table of each one.

Ernesto Moreno: “When I chose Siux I had no doubt”

The player from Malaga admits that from the very first moment he had “no doubts” about switching to the #TeamSiux: “Mainly, because of the quality in all aspects of their material and the closeness that all the members of the brand have shown me since the first minute”. Thus, he assures that he is “very eager to start working on the same side”.

Besides, like many players in the professional padel tournament, he begins in 2021 with a new partner, Denis Perino, with whom he shares an ambitious goal, to be among the top 12: “Our goal is to establish ourselves as a couple and consolidate ourselves among the best, we start as the 19th couple and we will try to get into the top 12 couples”.

From Siux we wish Ernesto a warm welcome to the Team. For 2021!