Siux cross the ocean to install the first padel courts in America. Altogether, the Brand has already inaugurated a hundred courts in 2021, since the project began last February.

After the first Siux courts installations in Finland and Denmark, the Spanish firm has continued to expand and has manufactured more units for European countries, such as Sweden, Malta, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. In addition, America has inaugurated two Siux padel courts in Ecuador, in the first country in the American continent to place them. One of these courts is placed in Padel Box (Cuenca) and the other one, in Q Padel (Quito).

Thus, there are already eight countries across the world that have clubs who rely on the Spanish padel brand to install their courts, both in the field of competition and shows. The person in charge of Padel Passion, distributor of the Siux courts, Adrián Barranco, ensures that they receive “daily requests to install new courts”.

A hundred active Siux padel courts

Pista pádel Siux Quito
Pista de pádel en Quito

Altogether, there are already a hundred Siux padel courts that have been installed in these eight countries since the project began in February 2021. “The experience of our team of installers is unbeatable”, says Barranco, adding that “the assembly of our courts is carried out by a team of our own professionals, trained in Spain, who travel to the location required by the client”.

As for the material with which the Siux courts are made of, “it comes from Spain”, according to the person in charge. Adrián explains the process: “They are systematically subjected to the control tests provided for in the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, certified by AENOR”.

Currently, there are three Siux courts models: Diablo, Black Carbon and individual. The first is panoramic, while the other two have duplicated pillars. Besides, the firm also offers the option of making the court to order.

As we already mentioned in February, Siux is releasing into the padel court manufacturing market and we can already present the first ones. Two clubs located in Finland and Denmark are the pioneers and already have several courts manufactured by the Spanish padel firm.

Siux courts in Denmark

The Padel Club Thisted has been the first to debut with Siux padel courts and it has done it in a big way. This Danish club already has five Siux courts: 3 Black Carbon, 1 Diablo and 1 individual. The indoor club is located at Vilhelmsborgvej 18, 7700 Thisted, a town in the north of Denmark. This club is part of a chain, Padel Club, which has fifteen clubs in total throughout the country.

Thisted Dinamarca
Padel Club Thisted, first club to have Siux courts

Siux courts arrive in Finland

Besides, as announced at the time, after Denmark would come other European countries and Finland has been chosen to have three more courts of the brand. The Padelix chain, with three locations in the area, has incorporated a Siux court in each of them.

Pista Siux en el sur de Finlandia
Siux court in the south of Finland

Sastamala, Kankaanpää and Huittinen each have a Black Carbon court and all three are outdoor, so players can enjoy the views in these southern Finnish towns while playing their favourite sport.

Although there are three models of Siux courts, Black Carbon, Diablo and individual, the brand also provides the opportunity to manufacture the court to the customer’s taste, with the design they prefer for their club.

Siux opens the market and releases with the manufacture of padel courts. Thus, the Spanish brand joins the company with more seniority and experience in the assembly of padel. Thus, Siux has its own factory that works only for the brand. At the moment, three models of Siux courts are available: Diablo, Black Carbon, and individual. In addition, you can choose the option of designing the court to suit the customer.

Siux 2021 Projects

This new project premieres internationally since the debut of the Siux padel courts will be in the Padel Club Thisted, in Denmark. This padel club will see the light at the beginning of next April and will have five Siux courts: 3 Black Carbon, 1 Diablo, and 1 individual. Thus, it will be the first club to have its Siux courts of the 15 that are expected for 2021. The long-term goal is that in 2022 there will be 50 clubs with Siux padel courts. Thus, the next countries to see courts manufactured by the Spanish brand will be Sweden, Finland, and Spain, throughout 2021.

Ismael Cancho, co-founder of the company, explains that this project arises from “the powerful expansion and acceptance of Siux in the padel market. This has led the brand’s partners to consider “opening their horizons” and launching themselves into the world of manufacturing padel courts with their own factory, as Cancho assures. Thus, although it is not the only one, this project is “one of the most powerful and ambitious of Siux” and its goal is to become “a leader in the manufacture of courts,” says the co-founder of the firm.

Besides, Siux will not only focus on the manufacture of new padel courts but will soon announce its own turf. It will be a new fiber and they are in the process of creating a lawn much faster than the current one and that will delight professional players.

Siux Padel Courts

The Siux Diablo padel court is the flagship of the brand and is named after the emblematic padel racket. It is the court designed to offer spectacle, panoramic and curved lighting poles. Due to its construction, it is a very robust model, with a great balance between resistance and aesthetics. On the other hand, the mesh is embedded in the pillars, to avoid injuries to players and irregular bounces during matches.

Secondly, the Siux Black Carbon court has a striking novelty and is that the LED lights are outside the court, it means, the poles are not included in the structure of the court. In this way, there is less danger of breakage in the lights, as they will not be affected by the hits on the glass. Even so, if the customer wishes, they can be included in the traditional way. With this track model, there is a choice of three types of posts: straight, curved, or 45º inclined. It is a very resistant track.

Finally, the Siux individual court is the ideal one to take advantage of the smallest spaces, those where a normal court does not fit. It is designed for training sessions for two people or for parents and children. The structure is the same as the Black Carbon court, but with reduced dimensions: 20m x 6m.

Pista Siux Individual