Madrid, 3 January 2022 – Siux, the Spanish specialist padel brand, has launched its new Siux Electra ST2, courtesy of Franco Stupaczuk, the 9th-ranked professional on the World Padel Tour.

The new padel racket is an upgrade of the Electra ST1, with which the Argentinian player claimed the Mendoza Premier and French Open, and also finished as runner-up in Amsterdam, Malaga and Brussels. Stupaczuk, the Spanish brand’s big signing in 2022, once again worked in close collaboration with the Siux team on the design of the racket, to ensure that it fulfils his expectations.

This new Siux model features 15K carbon on both faces, giving it a much softer touch than the previous version, as well as a 100% carbon tubular structure, making it a favourite among padel players for its toughness and durability.

A medium balance, comfortable and highly manoeuvrable racket, the Siux Electra ST2 delivers good control in defence, while its hardness allows it to strike the ball with great power. Meanwhile, its hybrid form combined with medium soft EVA foam allows for a range of playing styles.  Siux Electra ST2 boasts Shockout® anti-vibration technology in black and a Dual Pro Grip for a more secure and comfortable feel in your hand throughout the match, lending the racket a high-energy, vibrant character unlike any other on the market.


The promise is a promise! After the great acceptance of the new Siux Diablo Revolution, we present four new padel rackets that will completely conquer all fans of the padel racket’ sport. We are talking about four Revolution models that join the Diablo, presented a few months ago. Siux Spyder Revolution, Siux Pegasus Revolution, Siux Platinum Revolution, and Siux Spartan Revolution are the emblematic padel rackets of the Spanish brand improved with the aim of becoming the number one.

Revolution System

As we already know, these padel rackets are improved with the incorporation of the Revolution system. It is a bitubular layout in the frame of the padel racket, which is attached to the bridge of this with four arms, similar to the Siux Trilogy. In this way, it contributes effectively to the correct absorption of vibrations, providing greater consistency and firmness in the most energetic hitting. Besides, not only includes this system, but also the Revolution padel rackets have the great anti-vibration system ShockOut, will be 4 anti-vibrators in the lower area of the padel racket in order to completely eliminate vibrations and provide a more comfortable and safe game, preventing injuries to the player in areas such as the elbow, wrist, and shoulder.

The new emblematic padel rackets were the second to undergo these impressive changes. What will be next?

Siux’s most emblematic padel rackets upgraded

As we have mentioned, this new release of Siux emblematic padel rackets has four improved models. These share the same Revolution system and the same inner core, the 5-laminations High Recovery EVA rubber. This material provides exceptional cushioning, ideal for improving ball exit speed. While its perfect recovery capacity makes for a much more controlled hit. Below we will see what makes them different from each other.

Siux Pegasus Revolution

The new version of the famous Siux Pegasus arrives stronger than ever, but without losing its essence. It offers control and power multiplied as the other Revolution. Its main feature is the carbon that has been used in the construction of the layouts, the 12K carbon. A fiberglass of intermediate hardness for those seeking the perfect balance in the game. The mold used is the inverted drop and has a medium balance, both features are intended for a polyvalent game. The finish of this padel racket is matte-sandy for the best spin.

Siux Platinum Revolution

The improved version of the Platinum lands with a new aesthetic. Leaving behind the silver color, they have opted for orange tones, making the new Siux Platinum much more attractive. For its faces, a mixture of 24K carbon and carbon silver materials has been used, offering a resistance never seen before, ensuring maximum durability against all types of wear and tear produced on and off the court. Not only this mixture of carbons offers a good resistance, but also a multiplied power. This Siux padel racket has an inverted teardrop shape, a medium balance and a smooth-matte finish.

Siux Spartan Revolution

Siux Spartan Revolution is cared to detail, it has been used in the 21K carbon crossed for its outer layouts. This material has a semi-soft feel which provides good flexibility and a great response in the ball exit. Besides, the two fiberglass blankets help provide that extra power. The mold of the Spartan Revolution is inverted drop, medium-high balance and a matte-sandy finish.

Siux Spyder Revolution

The new Spyder Revolution joins the ranks of Siux padel rackets stronger than ever. This new version of the Spyder comes with 21K carbon construction, a flexible and resistant carbon, which makes the bounce of the ball on the padel racket much higher. Also, the two fiberglass covers guarantee extra power and resistance. The mold of the padel racket is in soft diamond, high balance ideal for a power game and has a sandy-matte finish for spectacular spin hits.

Siux presents two new products in its catalog of padel rackets: the new Siux Pro Carbon Blue and Siux Gold Power. They are two models for different types of players and, while the first is a versatile and balanced padel racket, the second is a power padel racket, for hitters.

New Siux padel rackets

For those looking to get the best performance in both attack and defense, take the new Siux Pro Carbon Blue. This model has a round shape and a medium balance, Besides having a very wide sweet spot, ideal for maximum comfort from minute one. On the other hand, those who want to be the last to hit the ball, the offensive players, will enjoy the most with the Siux Gold Power, which has a medium-high balance and an inverted drop shape.

In terms of materials, the Pro Carbon Blue features 3K carbon layouts and a 100% carbon tubular frame. On the other hand, the interior is composed of an EVA Soft rubber core, ideal for providing excellent cushioning. On the other hand, the Gold Power is a model composed of fiberglass in the layouts, while maintaining the carbon tubular frame and EVA Soft rubber in the core, as the previous one.

Regarding the finish, both are smooth padel rackets and differ in that the Pro Carbon Blue is matte, while the Gold Power is a glossy model.

The new Siux Jaguar 3K has arrived, a renewed version of the well-known Jaguar. It is designed for players with a high or advanced level and is a power padel racket, just like its predecessor.

Siux Jaguar 3K, unleash the wild beast

The new Siux Jaguar 3K has a medium-high balance, perfect to achieve maximum power without losing handling and control. Its layouts are made of 3K carbon, a hard and resistant material, which, when intertwined, provides a smooth and powerful layout, and offers excellent durability. On the other hand, the frame is a carbon tubular, which increases the resistance of the padel racket and avoids possible breakages.

This model, like its previous version, has been created with players who suffer from elbow injuries, epicondylitis, or tendonitis in mind. To eliminate vibrations, it has a Siux anti-vibrator device in the heart of the padel racket. It also incorporates a Tri-Tubular reinforced with Kevlar, a more resistant material that helps to reduce the vibrations caused by hitting.

The core is made of Black EVA rubber, which improves cushioning on every hit. Finally, it has been designed with a matte finish, which gives the padel racket a better grip on the ball, making it easier to hit spin shots.


Siux arrives with new releases this May focused on intermediate and advanced players. Siux Titania, Siux Silver Force, Siux Empire, and Siux Spectrum, are the names of the new padel rackets from the Spanish brand.

New Siux Padel Rackets

The new Siux padel rackets can be divided according to the target player they are aimed at. Both the Empire and the Titania are designed for mid-level players looking for a good padel racket to quickly improve their game. Both are polyvalent, with a medium balance and fibreglass layouts, perfect for a flexible padel racket. Both have a glossy and smooth finish to increase ball speed, and have an EVA Soft rubber core.

They stand out in shape, with the Titania being round and the Empire having a teardrop shape. They also have a different frame: while the Titania has a carbon tubular frame, the Empire has a fibreglass tubular frame with carbon reinforcements.

On the other hand, for players with an advanced or professional level, they present the Siux Silver Force and the Siux Spectrum. Both are power padel rackets, with a medium-high balance and a hybrid shape. Both have a carbon tubular in the frame to increase the resistance of the racket and have a matte finish and sandpaper, ideal for improving spin hits and better control.

These two models differ in the material of the layouts: the Silver Force incorporates fibreglass and the Spectrum, high quality 3K carbon. Besides, the core of the Silver Force is EVA Soft, while the Spectrum is Black EVA Soft.

After the release of the latest Siux Tsunami 5.0 3K and the Siux Tsunami 5.0 24K, the new Siux Tsunami 5.0 12K arrives on the market, an intermediate model between the two previous ones and the most balanced of the three.

Discover the Siux Tsunami 5.0 12K

The Tsunami 5.0 12K is very similar to its sisters but can boast more control than the Tsunami 5.0 24K and more power than the Tsunami 5.0 3K. Therefore, this new Siux is designed for those who enjoy a balanced game in all aspects of the game. It is also perfect for advanced or professional players.

Like the two 5.0 versions already on the market, the new 12K continues with a round shape, but this time the balance is medium-high, a middle point between the other two Tsunamis. It also has a 12K carbon in the layouts, intermediate, to offer a medium feel, with spectacular power and great control. Besides, its matte and smooth finish offers a dry and powerful touch. Thus, this padel racket is ideal for mastering all points.

Su núcleo, como el resto de la gama Tsunami 5.0, está fabricado con goma EVA Soft High Recovery de 5 Laminaciones, una goma de alta velocidad de recuperación, perfecta para ayudar a absorber las vibraciones que se producen en cada golpe. Por último, incorpora un tubular de carbono que aporta una gran resistencia y aumenta la durabilidad de la pala.

Its core, like the rest of the Tsunami 5.0 range, is made of 5-laminations EVA Soft High Recovery rubber, a high-speed recovery rubber, perfect for helping to absorb the vibrations that occur in each stroke. Finally, it incorporates a carbon tubular that provides great resistance and increases the durability of the padel racket.

After the release of the last Fenix 3K, Siux comes to announce the new Fenix 12K. Unlike the 3K, this new version of the Fenix by Javi Ruiz is a power padel racket, designed for more offensive players who like to make a good hit.

Discover the Siux Fenix 12K

The Siux Fenix 12K continues to maintain the internal aramid reinforcement in the neck. This anti-vibration helps reduce vibrations and eliminates pain that can arise in the shoulder, elbow or wrist. It maintains the inverted drop shape of the two previous Fenixes but changes its balance with respect to the 3K. In this new version it is once again medium-high, so it is aimed more at attacking players with a good punch.

Its layouts are made of 12K carbon, a wider fibre, which when intertwined provides a more flexible surface than the previous 1K and 3K. Thus, it provides greater speed in the ball exit. The frame is, as in its predecessors, a carbon bi-tubular, which increases its durability and resistance. Likewise, it also incorporates the same core, the Black EVA Soft High Recovery rubber with 5 laminations, which offers a spectacular recovery speed after hitting.

This Fenix 12K has the same finish as the 3K, as it is a matt and smooth model. Because of this, the new padel racket from Siux increases the power and offers a dry feel when hitting.

The renewal of one of the most loved by Siux users shovels is here. These are the new Siux Tsunami 5.0 3K and the Siux Tsunami 5.0 24K, and they are the reeditions of the well-known Tsunami Green and Tsunami Red, respectively.

Get to know thoroughly the Siux Tsunami 5.0

The Tsunami 5.0 3K is very similar to its previous version, the 4.0 Green, but the finish changes, which this time is smooth and matte, unlike its predecessor, which was rough and shiny. Otherwise, the new model continues with a round shape and a medium balance to provide a balanced game on the court. It also features 3K carbon in the layouts to increase power and resistance.

Besides, its core incorporates the EVA Soft High Recovery 5 Laminations, which offers a wonderful recovery speed after hitting and helps absorb the vibrations caused by the collision with the ball. Finally, it incorporates a carbon tubular that provides great resistance and increases the durability of the padel racket.

On the other hand, the Tsunami 5.0 24K is, like the 4.0 Red, a power padel racket, but it has some more differences compared to its predecessor than the Tsunami 5.0 3K. First of all, the material used for the faces is 24K carbon, which is more flexible than the previous one and allows for better control in the hit. Besides, it has a smooth and matte finish, so as not to lose the dry and powerful touch.

In terms of similarities, this new Tsunami has a round shape and a high balance, which makes it ideal for hitting every point with excellent power. Like its companion, it includes a 5-laminations EVA Soft High Recovery rubber core and a carbon tubular. Finally, it should be noted that both Siux padel rackets are designed for players with an advanced or professional level.

Siux updates the well-known racket of Javi Ruiz and presents the new Siux Fenix 3K, a versatile racket designed to offer a balanced game to the most demanding professional players. This model has the most important aspects of its predecessor and incorporates some new features to improve its performance.

Characteristics of the Fenix 3K

The Siux Fenix 3K is a racket that maintains the aramid reinforcement in the neck, an anti-vibration that reduces vibrations and thus eliminates the problems that can arise in the shoulder, elbow or wrist. It maintains the inverted drop shape of the Fenix of Javi Ruiz, but changes its balance, lowering it a little, so that, being medium, it provides greater ease to control the stroke.

It also continues with the carbon bitubular, as it increases its durability and resistance, and also has the Black EVA Soft High Recovery 5 laminations, a rubber with an excellent recovery speed. One of the differences with the original Siux Fenix lies in the material used in the planes. In this case, it is 3K carbon, a wider fiber than the 1K used in the previous one. Being so, it is more flexible and provides greater ball speed, without losing all the power that this racket has.

This Fenix 3K also has a different finish, since, instead of being shiny and with 3D effect, it is a matte and smooth model, so it increases the power and offers a dry touch when hitting.

Siux announces the release of two new padel rackets that join the family: the Siux Snake and Siux Furtive Pro 2. After the last launch, these two models arrive for two different types of players. We explain everything about them.

Siux Snake and Siux Furtive Pro 2

The Siux Snake is a power padel racket that stands out, above all, for the Jaqcuard carbon of its faces. It is one of the best carbon in the world, which is sewn hexagonally, and this provides greater hardness. Besides, it provides spectacular durability, a different feeling when hitting, and avoids many vibrations. Its balance is medium-high and the shape is an inverted drop, so it offers the necessary power in the attacking hits at the net.

The Siux Furtive Pro 2, meanwhile, is a control model made of fiberglass layouts, more flexible and perfect for increasing the speed in the ball exit. Its balance is medium, so it also responds very well in power shots, and the shape is round, expanding the sweet spot area of the padel racket.

Both models have the same core, an EVA Soft High Recovery rubber, which offers a spectacular recovery speed after hitting. The two padel rackets also have a carbon tubular frame to offer great resistance and durability. Finally, the finish of the two Siux is matt and sanded, ideal for spin hits in a controlled way.