The news and signings continue in Team Siux and this time the announcement is of Xisco Gil, number 46 of the World Padel Tour. The Andalusian player will play in 2021 with the new Siux Platinum Revolution, one of the latest releases of the brand.

In 2020, Francisco Gil made it into the main draw five times, reaching the quarterfinals at the Barcelona Master and the round of 16 at the Alicante and Valencia Opens. Together with Sergio Alba he saw those great results and will continue with his partner in this new campaign.

Xisco Gil: “Siux is in continuous international growth”

Why has he decided to join Siux? Xisco explains: “It is a brand in continuous international growth that bets on players in progression”. That’s why the player from Cordoba has decided to join the growing Team Siux for this season.

Also, he tells what is the main goal he has in 2021 with Sergio Alba: “The goal is to try to consolidate our position in the final draw of the World Padel Tour and stay at the top of the FMP”. Currently, he is the number 2 of the Madrid Padel Federation, behind only his partner, so they are the first couple of Madrid.